About Navjot Kaur | Couture Floral Designer in Chicago

Who we are

Navjot Kaur of Navjot Design

Navjot Design is a Event Design | production company dedicated to reflecting your unique, romantic story anywhere in the world. An evoking ambiance that is at once ethereal and personable. 

 As a event designer, creativity and intuitive are two keywords that describe navjot Kaur with navjot Design. Navjot with navjot Design continues to nurture the creativity as it gives her ability to innovate, create a vision and extend resources to produce a spectacular event. All these traits help her with creating something unique from florals in the art form to fabric draping in style, custom stage sets to custom furniture, constructing the structure for custom mandap to alters or lighting effects to give shape to vision.

Our story and inspiration

We believe in "art of celebration in style" bringing an ambiance to last in one’s lifetime: Wedding, Social Event, Anniversary or Birthday, Holiday party or any occasion. At navjot Design, we realize It’s all about bringing whimsical, magical experience for you and your guests to celebrate and fill the hearts with joy.

After college, she moved to America to immerse herself in every possible nuance of design. Once in America, she began working as a designer in Austin, Texas. The gravity of expression through visual art inspired her, and she vowed to radiate the same clarity in her work. She then moved to Chicago, where she established her wedding design and planning company in 2003.

What do navjot Design do

We listen to your dream and give your dream a shape. Just like dreams have no shape or form, so is our seamless process that is exclusively planned and designed for you.  Whether it is about building a custom furniture, altars, mandaps or structures, art Installations for ceilings or walls or stage sets, draping in style or special effect lighting to support the design concept, We do it all and leave nothing behind to make it happen the way you could only dream off. 

What make navjot Design different

Our compassionate approach where we don’t just listen to your dream but begin with adapting to the dream and taking it to the next level giving your dream a form and shape. 

There is a three step approach: 

  1. Listening to your dream

  2. Design the custom concept to give your dream a form

  3. Keeping in mind every little detail from design to production so that process from form to shape is seamless

In the age of technology, events are like creating an environment where we keep adding custom elements such as linen, art installation, theme stage sets and lighting effects and sky is the limit. We no longer hold to the limits of our imagination where the impossible is now possible in rapidly changing world. Anything you can dream we can create. 

navjot Design has evolved to become a team of top event designers leading into world of destination weddings. Moving into the high-end market, Navjot Kaur has arrived as a luxury wedding designer | production magnate for spectacular events around the world.

Call us at 847.373.8219 or Email at info@navjot.Design to schedule an appointment to have a chat about your upcoming event and find about more as how we can assist in giving you an memorable experience.