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6 Tips to plan and design a Thanksgiving dinner.

                                                                                                  Planning, Concept-Design and Florals: navjot Design

                                                                                                  Planning, Concept-Design and Florals: navjot Design

Dear Readers,

1.  I would recommend sending your guest invite when you are planning on having a formal dinner with family and friends.  Many of you prefer to sending E-invites, but you would agree that when invite reaches you by post at your doorstep, it has a personal feel to it.  

2.   Place cards and menus would make it unique. If you are creative, then best would be to create your own by hand or on your computer.  You may buy ready to go.  Some of the places online are pretty much affordable but keep in mind that it would not be a trendsetter.  If you want to personalize them having your signature it may be an excellent idea to order custom calligraphy place cards and menus.

3.   Think of setting the table or tables using an element of surprise, bringing in warmth.  An elegant tablescape should not be limited to budget and time.  You could design a simple table with picking up the right colors and pattern.  If you have a different color of table-mats then do not think of investing into charger plates unless your design requires. You could create extra wide runner to add accent and texture.  

4.   When you add flowers to the table creating centerpieces, then do not forget to incorporate some veggies like gourds,  pomegranates or artichokes into your tablescape along with flowers.  Adding lots of votives would bring the warmth to the table. Brush off by adding pumpkins and pillar candles along with place settings,  place cards,  Menus,  and napkins.   

5.   It would be a plus when you greet your guest with a signature cocktail.  I always look for the fine details, and you wouldn’t miss that if you add color to your cocktails depending on your tablescape and decor. Here are a couple of suggestions; Mulled Wine, Honey Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail, Pomegranate Mint Sparkling Water. 

6.    If you are preparing everything by yourself, then it would best to choose pre-made snacks.  Appetizers with cocktails are always a good start.  You could add your creative touch;  a turkey vegetable tray,  pumpkin shaped rolls,  baked sweet potatoes covered with shredded coconut, bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts, baked crispy kale. 

In the end,  Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is all about sharing and gratitude.  Anything done with love would always fill the guest's heart with joys.


Would you share a tip for the Thanksgiving with us all? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur