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What to keep in mind while looking for a coffee table?



Dear Readers,

 As I mensioned last Friday  that I would share tit bits related to designing spaces and adding accent to home and workplaces. On today's blog, I would like to talk with you about selecting a coffee table based on the purpose it may serve.  


I believe that a coffee table is a focal point for any living area whether it is a family or a formal area. There are so many things that one should look at when selecting a coffee table. A focus is more on functionality, craftsmanship rather than design alone when making a choice for the family area. And when one is selecting a coffee table for a formal area then it should be a good conversational piece with a unique design to complement the decor around making a bold statement inspiring you each day.

I simply love designs where artist combines the two elements like wood and glass. I am always looking for an element of surprise as that inspires me.

The table that inspired me most this week is called Abyss Table designed by Duffy in London. If anyone looks at the above image of Abyss Table I shared, you would see that this design is about depth and creates a geological cross-section as mesmerizing as the sea using wood and glass. Not only it is functional but would add style and class to any formal area.

Any guesses, how long it took to design this table? 

Well, It took a year for Duffy’s design team to develop this table in their London studio, experimenting with sculpted glass, Perspex and wood, arranging a 3-D representation of a geological map until the team re-created something of the mesmeric abyss that had first captured Duffy’s imagination.

Would you go with something traditional or you are one of those, who are willing to take a risk to try and feel newer elements around you as a part of your everyday life. 


Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot design


Photo Credit: Duffy Design