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Would you like to add art, inspired by flowers in shape of an chair?

                    French Tulip Inspired Chair Designed by Artist Eric Freyer

                    French Tulip Inspired Chair Designed by Artist Eric Freyer

Dear Readers,

As you know, every Friday I am sharing with you designs or ideas for interiors. This week, I came across an Artist whom furniture designs, simply made me love his chair designs inspired by emotions and flowers (see images).

These designs would find its’ place in any home, office.  I see these as trendsetters inspired by nature’s richest gifts of color and shape of flowers. The chairs glow like a glazed glass and draws you in with fine details, whereas curves and luminescent gives the illusion of moving into a festive space to celebrate. 

                             Tulip Inspired Chair Designed by Artist Eric Freyer

                             Tulip Inspired Chair Designed by Artist Eric Freyer

Artist Eric Freyer is designing each piece by himself and most likely putting his soul into each and everything that he creates. I think these floral chairs gives a glimpse of 1863 era blending with the modern age. If you are looking into creating a small area to have tea and play cards or chess, then these two chairs would be perfect with a small glass table. 


Do you think these would fit in any style home?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


Photo: Fryerwoodworks