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Are you tired of looking at "same old, same old," florals at the wedding?

Dear Readers,

I would like to dedicate this blog post to a mother of the bride who I had the pleasure of meeting this past week who reminded me of my first high-end destination wedding that I did years ago. 

No one begins with a strong portfolio, and in those days I knew nothing about technology. I opened a first Email account to communicate with my client and vendors. I began surfing online and liked the idea of looking at the world out there from a different lens thereafter. 

I started with a promised that I will challenge myself and bring in new designs each time I do florals, draping or adding any details to complete the project.  I believe that this can only happen when you put your soul into it and keep faith in God.  As we all know as wedding professionals that we never get a second chance to make it right in this business of handling and delivering around emotions.  Your one mistake as a designer will take away the smile of your client. 

Thanks to this lovely mother of a bride for saying that she is tired of looking at “same old, same old” repeated at all events even though colors are different but the shape is the same. I agree,  and I always suggest my clients, stepping outside the box is just a way to go.  I consider myself lucky that most my clients allow me to add an element to give a distinct look and more than that to create an atmosphere to enjoy and capture memories. 

I believe,  any creative out there would love to reinvent but can only make it happen if the price is right and not when you struggle to create something because what you charged would not even cover the cost.  There are two priceless things in producing a flawless event that I learned with experience; one is your client’s placing trust in you to design something unique and other is your creativity as a designer to create and manage the logistics. 


What do you think about stepping outside of the box ? 


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: navjot Design