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A Bride's Point of View for Wedding Flowers

Dear Readers, 

I am about to share a bride’s point of view regarding flowers for the reception centerpieces which I had a pleasure of meeting with in the recent month.  She shared an image that was way beyond her budget.  

I think she understood once I explained her in detail as for why to create the centerpiece design is expensive but still,  she was trying to reason with me regarding using the cheap flowers.  She suggested I replace French tulips with carnations;  I liked that she was trying to make an accommodation but shape, colors, and uniqueness of tulips are what makes them stand out as an accent in any flower arrangement.  

I gave her several options,  but there is no comparison among apples and oranges.  I think, most of the brides have no idea as what it takes to put the flowers together and even when you educate them,  they find it difficult to step away from their dream.

 It is one thing to buy a bunch from a super market, and place into a vase, but it is entirely different scenario to create something unique for the wedding; it evolves working with other vendors, investing time into a design concept, selecting right flowers, labor to design and set up and not to forget delivery & pick up of the vases and disposing any flowers that are left behind. 


What do you think?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


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