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A glass art deco inspiration.

Dear Readers,

I always advise my clients that it is a wonderful idea to have less, than to have more when it comes to personalizing your home with the deco pieces. Just adding an art piece into your formal area may be all that you need in the space. Also, it becomes the conversation piece for the guests. I am going to share two art glass deco pieces that I adored and thought share with you to inspire and get inspired myself.

I love glass and believe it or not; You will find glass everywhere in my house and studio. I feel glass embraces color, shapes and most of all, flowers. I am sharing just two pieces from the collection from “A Heart Of Glass” in the UK. One is the vase with flowers and the second image is a small glass lantern. Nick and Jo Mullins have the huge collection of one of a kind artist signature pieces of glass art deco for a contemporary home or just to add as an accent to the office wall.  


What do you think of adding glass deco in your home? what pieces you liked?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur