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A Royal Tea Party Idea

                                                                                          Design & Florals: navjot Design

                                                                                          Design & Florals: navjot Design

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to share one of our designs dedicated to "A Royal Tea Party", a teapot designed with fresh flowers with hues of purple. I grew up in the melting pot of cultures where offering hot tea to every guest is a way to show hospitality and perceived as a rhythm of life.  Any celebration or even family gatherings are incomplete without serving of the tea. What I miss most until today are "The Royal Tea Parties."  From today's perspective_ a networking where we talked, relaxed and played bingo. You will see Tea Stalls called Tea Wallah on almost every corner of the street in India. As per one of the BBC documentary, India is consuming 837,000 tons of tea each year.

Another thing that adds a distinctive flavor to tea is the small clay pots instead of a bone china or glass tea cup. I think, the tea making and serving is an art and a sweet gesture too. Next time you want to try something different for your celebration, a gathering or even a family dinner then thinks about trying various flavors of tea after dinner with slice of cake or cookies. 


Would you incorporate something new to your celebration? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur





Source: http:www.navjot.Design