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Awe Inspiring tradition of a Christmas Tree.

Dear Readers,

Having a Christmas tree and decorating with some old memories, adding some new each year is something that most patiently wait when winter comes.  Everyone gets busy decorating the house beginning with the tradition of a Christmas tree.  

I came across a young lady this past week at a Craft store buying a couple of things to decorate Christmas tree.  She looked at me in a holiday spirit of sharing, the idea of adding feathers to her 10’ tall Christmas tree.  This lovely young lady shared with me as for how important it is to add something new to the existing decor that she already has at home.  

It was quite a pleasant experience, talking about celebration and being a part of this lady’s dream without knowing her on a personal level.  I lived the Christmas spirit at that very moment, sharing and giving.  Most of the time,  we take every celebration like we deserve it without understanding the hidden message behind the tradition of the Christmas tree.

How many of us know that Christmas tree tradition began in Germany in the 16th century?  It is said, Martin Luther, first added candles to lit a tree in the 16th-century.  Martin got inspired by the moonlight reflecting like stars twinkling amidst of the evergreens while walking by, and he created a joyful experience for his family by bringing in Christmas tree and lit it with candles at night.  

There is another story that a German friend shared with me a while ago, that in cold winter month with 12 to 13 inches of snow, one could not go out for days.  So, having a Christmas tree lit with candles and hanging not the ornaments but rather dry fruit, baked goods and apples for decorating the tree brought amusement to life.  Not only that, they would share the goodies with family and friend the Christmas week and keep adding more eatables to the tree.

Christmas ornaments began arriving from Germany and Christmas tree popularity arise around the U.S in 1890.  And where most part of the world used small trees about four feet in height,  we in America like the Christmas trees to touch the ceiling.  In the early 20th century,  people in America began decorating their trees mainly with homemade ornaments, while the German-American’s continued to use apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies.

Decorating a Christmas tree has turned into an art work and a way to celebrate the holiday season together placing smiles and creating memories.  Also, a holiday trend for the public places such as malls, hotels to have Christmas tree decorated  like a peice of an art installation, most of the time designed by expert event designers all over the world. The above Christmas tree image is from Zurich exhibited by Swarovski crystals. 

In my view,  this is a wonderful holiday tradition that is celebrated all over the world, building bridges across world cultures.


Please share your unique traditions if any.


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur