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Congratulations! Now that you are ENGAGED, what’s next?



Dear Readers,

From the day you got engaged to the day you take vows, everything depends on how you both align your thoughts and set a timeline with a do and don’t list as this would make your life so much easier when you are at the initial stages of planning. The wedding is a lifetime commitment, and a beginning should be seamless and smooth. 

The question often is where to begin: I always suggest engaged couples to make a list of things that brought them together. It would help them to stay focused and look for a planner who could be a right fit. I believe that a planner works hard to represent your interest, and it would be a plus when a planner feels connected not only to you but also aware of your likes and dislikes. So be open. 

Why and when to define your purpose: The planner is there to help you define your purpose. The purpose here would be as how you see your wedding be from venue to catering to decor to etc. Once you have that, then you must create a reality check-list so that you mark as “not possible”, “let it go” or, “must have.” This practice would help you all the way. You want this process to be something that brings you both closer to each other.

Do not forget to add your input: When working with a planner, you would work within a timeline as she or he would be following the timeline and guiding you with each step you take. You would still need your timeline when it comes to incorporating your unique traditions from both sides (bride & groom) and fill your planner on that with little insight into why it is important. 

What if the couple wants to be their own planner: I would say, “Go for it” when a bride has a time off from work or school, and she wants to be more involved. Still, consider hiring a “month off” to take a load off you so that you can enjoy your wedding. Also, be open to hiring a planner consultant when you have questions regarding the contracts and timeline. Even though most of the planner wants to plan from the beginning to end but you may be able to find quite a few who are open to consulting. 

Why should the budget be realistic:  Well, I would suggest creating a checklist once you come up with a realistic budget and update the list as you go. Place a timeline and follow it as you go else you would be lost. I always tell my clients that every dream has a price tag and depends on how far you can travel with me to compromise. 

Hope this post helps you to find a planner who is the right fit for your taste and takes the load off you. And those who are thinking of being their own planner, “Good Luck” and do not forget to list the things as you go. 


Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot kaur


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