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Dressing the chairs at the any wedding is truly an art and important as well.

Dear Readers,

One of the important aspects of bringing ambiance to your reception depends on the well-dressed chairs at the wedding.  Whether it is for the ceremony or the reception,  it adds to the mood and allows the guests to capture the overall experience through their memory lens. 

While dressing the chairs in an elegant way for the wedding, best would be to choose the color’s from the theme and pick the style from other linen and florals.  There are so many creative designers out there who are so passionate about bringing in newer styles now and then. If you have the budget, then you may do the reserve tables creating a new look with the custom design. 

If you like ribbon’s then you have to be creative by using the weaving it through the back. Choose various textures, widths, and types of ribbons that are available on the market to enhance the visual effect yet it depends whether the ribbon could be woven horizontally or vertically for the ceremony or reception to give an enhanced woven effect. 

I like the beautifully fitted chair covers or in other words smart slip chair covers. I see more couples going after a classic look. Sash in satin creating a simple bow has become obsolete for high-end weddings. I am sharing quite a few images that inspired me and so do you.

Chivari chairs are still in fashion years later, and there are so many smart ways to dress the chairs. I always suggest doing the family tables in an elaborative manner with beautiful chair covers by mixing the two designs. Also, I love adding twigs, greens and flowers for couple’s chairs. I like incorporating tagline such as "Mrs." & Mr.,” or the “Bride" and “Groom.” 

Trends for the modern look takes the couples to choosing plexiglass chairs as I think there is so much one could do to dress them, one of them could be to add the personalize decal to make it stand out. 


Do you think that beautifully dressed chairs are as important as the florals or the stage set up?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur



Photo: Pinterest, Wildflower Linen, Weddingchicks