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DIY Planning and Designing a Holiday Party this Season.

                                                                                          Floral: navjot Design

                                                                                         Floral: navjot Design

Dear Readers,

I would begin today’s blog with a quote from William Shakespeare,  “All the world is a stage,  And all the men and women merely players.  They have their exits and entrances; Each man in his time plays many parts.”  I read many years ago, and I think it fits well when it comes to role of event professionals,  who sees every venue as a stage to perform being creative with weighing pro and cons, wearing multiple hats.  

Yes,  you hear me right!  It’s no different when one hires a vendor to plan or design a holiday party at their home.  I would highly recommend hiring a planner and designer to take the load off to plan the party.  But If you are considering DIY then here are the tips that could be of some help:  

Color Palette:  Red and green are the seasonal colors, but burgundy and gold are known for romantic flair in many cultures, and silver with white adds a dramatic feel overall. 

Linen & Table-setting:  Based on color palette you choose, go with white fury tablecloths, to add a touch of elegance creating the holiday mood.  Or you could also use solid color tablecloth if going with red and gold. You could mix match the dinner plates by using gold or silver chargers.  

Centerpieces:  If you like flowers then go with low centerpieces so that all guests can chat across without distraction.  And going with something simple, then poinsettias in a pot covered with metallic or ribbon would be the best choice.  You can do one without flowers by filling up the square bases with tiny glass balls, pinecones, cranberries and on the top a white floating candle that would do the magic of lighting up the table. 

Cocktails and Beverages:  There are so many choices out there to create unique holiday cocktails.  Sparkling soda mixed with juice and some raspberries would give you an excellent nonalcoholic beverage.  And you could twist the same by adding wine.  Have quite a few finger foods as an appetizer to go with drinks.  

Thinking of what to serve for dinner!  Well, keep it simple with no more than two main dishes,  do not forget that you have a sweet table ready to go after dinner.  It would be wonderful to serve drinks like eggnog and hot chocolate after the dinner.

Time to say Thank You:  I would highly recommend hand written Thank You cards for each guest with a favor that they will actually enjoy.  I think Ornaments are an excellent memento as there are so much variety to find in the stores or online.  Another idea could be giving homemade cookies with a hot chocolate mix in a bag. 

Keep in mind that you are setting the stage to bring enjoyable experience to your guests just like Shakespeare says in his above mention quote.  Play your role well as a host in the absence of hired event professional so that your guests walk away with a smile. 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur