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Do you agree, throw pillows add a warm and cozy feel to the atmosphere?

Dear Readers,

I absolutely love, throw pillow every corner that is meant to relax.  In the modern era, throw pillows have become a universal part of our lives.  I was thinking this morning while having tea in my studio on the couch with a magazine and a pillow,  what was the original purpose of the pillow?  Sure enough,  it was not just to add as an accent to your home but to give comfort to your head and neck.  There was a time when the sleeping pillows were for wealthy people. 

Now with the mass production in the age of technology; meaning and affordability have changed to having pillows for chairs and couches. Much thanks to the textile industry that we have so many fibers available on the market. Another important point to keep in mind is that the world has become flat which brings in more variety,  a little taste of the global history, and a cultural mix.  

There are so many styles you could choose from on the market.  I design throw pillows and keep changing each season _ so many things one can do when you have time for a newer project.  You could paint, monogram or tie-dye the fabric, use scrap that you have been collecting for many years.  You can even add your signature and a sweet message to the pillows and even consider giving as a gift to your friends and family.  


 What do think of the throw Pillows for home, office or as a gift?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest, navjot Design