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In my views, the trend of Florals continue to grow in 2017



Dear Readers,

I have been thinking lately, the biggest trend of florals in weddings and fashion that continues to go year after year since 2013.   You flip through the pages in any fashion or bridal magazine, and you’ll see floral in one form or the other. Last that I recall is the floral prints big enough to cover the entire gown with one rose. 

They are becoming significant for all seasons; only difference that you see is the colors changing with each season. You go anywhere; you will see this trend of florals being present through jewelry, clutch, dresses, scarves, etc.  These beautiful floral prints are taking over the market with floral shoes to die for no matter what the occasion. These are the biggest “craze” thing for this fall and off course moving into winter, and I am happy to be seeing them pop up in weddings more and more! Well, this fall and winter season, they seem to shift from a rustic to darker shades and blending into greens.  

Surely, An elegant way to tie into a floral themed wedding or to add as an accent to the bridesmaid and groomsmen attire. I see designers trying to blend florals with neutral tones, such as floral lace gowns. There is a huge selection of special occasion gowns of all lengths, colors, prints and without a doubt, brides are definitely going with that trend.  I am in love with the gown (above image), designed by one of most talented fashion designer's Naeem Khan who's vision for this gown, to me, is sensational, bold and lux. 

The question is whether this trend would continue in 2017 and sustain on its own or would it blend with other element. I believe that florals never go out of the style.  The weddings are becoming more glamorous.  Brides are looking at a wedding in a whole different light; fairytale is no longer a story that used to be found in the pages of a book having a beautiful binding.  It’s fascinating to watch this trend going strong and the way fashion is making statements in magazines and online; it will continue to grow in 2017.


What do you think? 


navjot Kaur