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Let's be a path on to inspire and grow together

Dear Readers,

I have had the opportunity to learn and share my experiences with a group of industry professionals in Cancun, Mexico this week at the Grand Oasis.  It was one of my best experiences where I felt as if we build a community to grow together.  Each one of us carries a unique perspective and a lot to do with how we perceive things, which I think we as event professionals should use to our advantage to create unique events.  

We should worry less about what others do and should focus more on challenging ourselves with each event that we do.  Using Benchmarking as a tool to explore and learn is one thing but feeling fearful is another.  Benchmarking would help to learn from others' mistakes who are above you, but fear would lead to looking at others around us as a threat.  

I went through all the phases from feeling overwhelmed to feeling lost. There were times when I felt I knew everything and honestly that was my shortfall.  I realized with time that learning should never end and that first you should compete within yourself and then you would have no time to feel threatened by others in the industry.    

I come from a small industrial town where everyone is into building the same machinery,  but there are some who are doing better than others. The question one may ask how?  Some challenged themselves to create a niche;  giving personalized service, clarity in design, using high standard materials and building healthy relationships and some rather chose to sell more for less.  It goes in every industry.  

I have heard Luxury Designer Preston Bailey and Luxury Planner Marcy Blum,  talking about delivering over the top and sharing their views on creating a niche.  Perhaps nothing came easy to them,  but they did not give up,  and with each mistake,  they learned something new which helped reshape and create a brand that seems solid as a rock but believe it or not,  it needs constant nurturing like a gardener taking care of a plant.


Let’s inspire each other and grow together. 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur


Photo: Erick Pozos