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Every little detail counts giving shape to any dream concept

Dear Readers,

Lilac is such a soft and lovely color that it not only stands out on its own but complement when mixed with other shades in the same family to give a subtle look by creating an atmosphere for any celebration. When I talked with my bride the first time, Christin wanted me to do low centerpieces but something simple, yet elegant, high end. She and her fiancé Brian wanted to have a relaxed evening with her guests. She was in love with lilac, and she told me that she would love for me to add a magic touch with the centerpiece bases. It was an outdoor wedding at Arboretum, Dallas in summer. 

When Christin told me that her two-year-old daughter would be attending the wedding and they would love me to do a simple crown for the little girl. I loved the idea. Eva, their daughter enjoyed the wedding ceremony and the reception. 

Hydrangeas large blooms consisting of small flowers combined creates a stunning look. Not only her centerpiece base were designed, hand crafted each piece to create, a luxury look, also a simple yet elegant shimmer overlays were custom made to match the color palette. The custom centerpiece with one of a kind bases with beautiful flowers were the highlights of this wedding reception. 

The location next to water fountains for the ceremony at the Arboretum Woman’s Garden was beautiful with only one problem that it was too windy and was hard to add flowers and keep the arch intact at the same time. The design concept needed at least four to five hours but because of the public place, the timeline was less than two hours for ceremony and reception set up both. We were able to pull off just on time with the incredible team of six. As an artist, I am never able to detach myself even when it is time to let go. For me, everything lies in details. 

Christin and Brian were very pleased and told me that they loved everything that we did and loved the little surprises like love sign in front of their sweetheart table. The cake looked stunning with fresh flower decor and pillar candles around.

Every little detail gave shape and brought life to the dream wedding of Christin and Brian with Lilac.

Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot kaur

Photo Credit: Greg Bloomberg