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Cascading fall tones to decorate your home before your wedding this season.

Dear Readers,

Fall is one of the favorite times of the year that allows one to capture the beauty of nature. Color changing leaves with blue sky above reflects that change is such an important part of our life. 

I love walking in the woods as nature is one of the biggest inspiration for myself and a great stress reliever.  As I walk in the woods, I can’t help from thanking God for beautiful seasons each year and sit on the rock to reconnect with cold air, and rustling leaves dapple the pathways. 

I thought why not inspire the brides with fall colors who are looking into decorating the home before the wedding.  And an excellent opportunity to build a strong bond among the two. Talking of colors; orange reflects the energy to socialize.  So, why not begin by picking up round fresh Pumpkins and create a pillar candle holder. These would look beautiful at the entrance. Do not forget to add some fall leaves as an accent or may write messages of love and welcome with glitter.

I think nature brings in so many hues that it feels like you are looking into the kaleidoscope. Well, this gives us the reason for switching to the cascading fall tones.  Orange draws one in to have a conversation whereas red leads to vibrant, cheerful feeling so why not use little red at the entrance. 

Maybe fabric draping with twilights would do the magic.  Incorporate red and green apples by making votive holders. Earthy tones such as yellow and browns bring in a warm, grounded feeling with the sense of gratitude.  Add Yellow, brown, red mums that would look beautiful in a vase or pot. 

Another important thing that Fall offers is the balancing of the energy and emotions else it would be difficult to fade into the season to season.  Embrace this fall season just like any other with lighting up your home with a splash of fall colors preparing you for the first winter after you get married and ready for a gathering.

I wish all the brides out there who are looking for fall inspiration beginning with decorating the home before the wedding.


What inspiration do you find in fall colors? 


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest