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Welcome to "Get Inspired", my little world of bridal musings and beauty. Designing and planning a wedding is a lot of work; Not to forget Elaborate Flowers and details but it is my hope that I can offer tidbits of wisdom and advice that will make the process not only easier to understand, yet fun! I'll share with you the information you need to make the best decision for your wedding and the inspiration you need to believe in and go after your every wedding dream.

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Would you ask for Peonies or any other high-end flower knowing that it is not in your budget?

                                                navjot Design | Photo: Yaneck Wasio

                                                navjot Design | Photo: Yaneck Wasio

Each morning begins with a cup of hot tea and a vibrant dream of creating something unique for my clients.  I often ask myself, “Seriously,” and answer resonates from within, only for my clients or something for myself as a floral designer when in comes to flowers.  I love everything that is a gift from nature and in abundance.  Having said that, I think every bride or couple should know little about flowers.

Hence,  I decided to talk about the choice of flowers in today’s blog post as I see myself touching on this topic often with my brides and couples.  Once the couple books the venue of their choice,  they should look into educating themselves about flowers so that you can make a smart choice when making the selection of the flowers and a florist.   

Most of the brides, grooms or couples who are looking for the luxury designs, are also looking into flowers that are not common in the market.  Even roses come in different varieties having a bigger head that opens up beautifully.  I would recommend the couples or brides to pick up the key to unlocking the ignorant guess and get on the path to educating yourself enough about flowers before the consultation with wedding designer.  

I would suggest to looking online and also create a Pinterest board to collect the styles that you like and flowers that adore.  Look into variety and color of flowers that are available year-round bringing endless choices to your table.  One should try to enjoy this process and take flower selection as a part of your wedding day vision.  In my views, Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding day planning and design process.  

The flower selection process would help the couple with budget allocation. I see a trend out there where brides are looking for high-end flowers such as Garden Roses, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Calla Lily, Stephontias, Gardenias but have no idea of the cost.  When you share the cost, then they ask how come the grocery chains sell Roses, Hydrangeas, Calla Lily for a lot less. 

For all the brides, grooms and couples out there looking into flowers and florist should keep in mind that they are paying not only for the flower but from prep to design to service plus the brand that we represent.  Are you one those couples who would readjust the budget and add a certain percentage required to the budget to have your dream wedding or you would go with some one who can give you for a cheap price and may compromise on quality.


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