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Gourmet Popcorn; Add into food menu as a trendsetter at your wedding!

Dear Readers,

The trend that is still going strong to pop into wedding food menus? For sure, gourmet popcorn!  A crowd-pleaser, popcorn is the perfect snack for munching, both kids and adults enjoy, and with all of the upscale flavors with many options to display your popcorn treats at your wedding, they have become much more sophisticated than the movie popcorn that we all know and love. 

Gourmet popcorn is available in all different colors, so one can choose pink popcorn or blue popcorn to match your wedding theme.  And the flavors are seemingly endless;  caramel, cheddar cheese, chocolate.  I’ve even seen cotton candy and watermelon flavor. 

When you can't decide on just one flavor?  Skip the dessert bar and offer up a popcorn bar where your guests can pick and choose which flavor to pop in their mouth.  Another fun idea is to make the popcorn a late night snack treat and to have servers take hand paper cones filled with popcorn out to all of your guests as they mingle and rock out on the dance floor. 

Check out some of the lovely and sophisticated ways for making popcorn a part of your wedding celebrations.


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navjot kaur