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A Napkin Folding is an art and is important part of reception at any wedding?

I think Napkin Folding is an art just like any other art. I have great admiration for the staff at the hotels who have the patience to make three to four-fold napkins at times for many tables each day. 

Recently, I was setting up the flowers at the venue, and I requested the person who was making folds to napkins, creating a design that would be simple, lay flat in the Dinner plate and elegant. The person in charge thought for a second and came up with the unique design that was simple.  I loved it.

Today, I would like to honor and thank all those professionals in hospitality, working countless hours on the place-setting at venues so that we can give our clients a complete vision. 


What do you think of Napkin Folding as art?  Would you ask for a unique design for your next event that would complement your taste?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest