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Guest Blog: Master the Art of Holiday Gifting with Luxury Planner Marcy Blum

Dear Readers,

Holiday season is all about giving and sharing. Adding a little creativity and imagination, a gift giving can be a thoughtful gesture that’s as special as the people in your life.

Home Goods  teamed up with celebrity event planner Marcy Blum, to help you effortlessly master the art of gifting this holiday season.

1.   Avoid giving your host an extra task:  If you’re heading to a holiday party, be mindful of being considerate to a host when bringing a gift. If you’re giving a bouquet, Marcy recommends gifting an accompanying vase to leave with your host.  “It saves your host from scrambling to find a vase when you arrive,” she says. “And gives them a lovely option for next time.”

2.   Make your potluck contribution personal:  Pick out a platter or tray that reflects your host’s style and bring it with your contribution. It creates a beautiful presentation and doubles as a hostess gift. Add a notecard with the recipe so they can recreate it at home — it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving.

 3.   Potted herbs make for the freshest gifts:  If your potluck dish requires fresh herbs — like basil, mint or thyme — why not bring the whole plant? Guests can clip off as many or as few leaves as they want, right at the table. Marcy suggests tying a bow around the pot along with a pair of scissors for clipping — the perfect for any green-thumbed friend!

4.   Make a cheat sheet:  “I like to get my creative juices flowing by drafting up a cheat sheet before I go shopping,” says Marcy. “I’ll list out all the recipients’ names alongside things I know they enjoy, like ‘the color blue, traveling, dogs and gin.’ It serves as a fantastic way to jog my memory when I’m in a store, and helps me to shop creatively.”  Include price ranges on your cheat sheet so you can stay in budget while shopping for gifts.

5.   Curate a themed gift:  Gift baskets reflect thoughtfulness and are one of the easiest ways to personalize a present. For someone who loves to cook, pair a colander with dried pasta and sauce.  A dog lover? A dish coupled with treats, toys or a framed photo makes for a great gift box for their four-legged friend.

6.  Wrapping can double as a bonus gift:  “Forego wrapping paper and tuck your gift into a soft, woven throw from HomeGoods,” adds Marcy. “Tied up with a beautiful bow, it’s the perfect bonus to your gift and saves you from having to throw away that mess of crumpled paper!”

7. Create a tradition that builds each year:  Find an item they love, and continue adding to the collection each year, such as a framed photo of you with the gift recipient, a holiday ornament that’s based on a memory or glassware to help outfit their bar cart. Not only is it something special for them, but you’ll be creating your own holiday tradition together, too.

8. Make a gift card more memorable: When in doubt, give a gift card and personalize it with a small item, or even write a thoughtful note with an invitation to go shopping together.  So make your list, check it twice — and find a gift that’s unique and beautiful, no matter the occasion. At HomeGoods, there’s something for everyone.

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navjot Kaur


 Credit: Marcy Blum Associates & HG Insider

Photo by Matt Harrington