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Would you consider A Flower Girl without a Basket of petals

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Dear Readers,

A little flower girl at any wedding is there to add a flavor of a bride's childhood. Because of most of the time, this little girl is a niece or best friend’s daughter and it is easier to relate to the moment when you played a significant role of a flower girl when you were a little girl.  

And one of the sweetest moments of the wedding day is when the little flower girl walks down the aisle in her little princess dress, tossing around flower petals and looking just as cute as can be. A part of what makes these little angels so darn cute is when they just don’t get it quite right.  Either running down the aisle to their mom without dropping a single petal or sometimes dumping out the entire basket at once! 

Well, you do not see every flower girl tossing petals these days. One reason could be the age of the flower girl; it is hard to direct a three-year-old, and another is that some venues and religious places do not allow the throwing of flowers.

Well, when you want to make it easy for the little flower girl, or most likely to add a twist to the tradition, you can have your little flower girl walk down the aisle without any flowers at all. Yes, you heard it right! Think of some ideas that could replace the tradition of throwing flowers with something cute that is perfect for that age.  

When it’s outdoor wedding in summer months then let her carry a custom sign “here comes a bride,” or hold a small lantern with led tea light inside and decorated with a rose and ribbon matching to your theme.  You could also create a ribbon wand representing your favorite colors.  And how about letting her hold small miniature bouquet made with baby’s breath in her hand. 


What do you think of a flower girl without the basket filled with petals?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest