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Why Bridal Jewelry should Complement the Wedding Gown?

Dear Readers,

There used to be a time when wedding ring used to be a surprise element at a wedding. Not anymore, as the world is rapidly changing with everything accessible at the palm of your hand. Couples can see the designs and ask each other about the likes and dislikes. Couples have become practical as a wedding ring is something that a bride would wear all the time. 

I see brides choosing the jewelry to match with the wedding ring months in advance that they can wear all the time and not only on the wedding day. I would say, it is an excellent idea when working on a budget or bride is simply not into collecting jewelry pieces. The only thing you want to keep in mind is to select jewelry pieces that complement the wedding gown as well. You do not want to wear wire hoops as it may not be a good match to go with your wedding gown style. What if the gown is classic, then going with pearls may be an excellent choice with an accent of tiny diamonds or stones. You may be able to get something custom designed to complement the wedding gown and then later wear these pieces each day. 

In some cultures, wearing heavy jewelry is not only a tradition but also a status symbol. I see brides having a difficult time managing the jewelry at the ceremony because the wedding dress alone weighs’s close to twenty pound that is somewhat difficult to carry. It is best to keep in mind that jewelry is worn to complement the wedding dress, pulling out the details instead of overpowering the overall look. 

Many a time, instead of buying something new, one could look into the grandmother's treasure box and carry the tradition by mixing old with new. If you choose a wedding gown inspired by 1920’s, then it may be a good idea to incorporate something old to complement the details of a gown representing that era. 

If you look at the antique jewelry pieces, you would see a pop of color in similar shades or an opposite tone with very fine little details that you fall in love with the moment you see. You could even match the same color tone with bridesmaids dresses. 

Lastly, add your personal taste when selecting the jewelry for the wedding day. Keep in mind, “Less is more”  only when that suits your taste. Just as hair, makeup, shoes, clutch or reticule are important so is the jewelry as it is an integral part of pulling the look forward for the most awaited moments in one’s life. It’s your time, to express yourself and your true style. 

Do you think that the wedding jewelry should complement your taste and the wedding gown style? 


Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot kaur