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Honored to be highlighted as a Protege and friend by Preston Bailey With Preston Bailey Design

Dear Readers,

I am so honored to be highlighted as a Protege and friend with navjot Design tabletop design featured on Preston Bailey Design blog post by none other than Mr. Preston Bailey himself. Here is the link:…/celebrating-success-my-prot…/ 

I am speechless and do not know where to begin. 

Preston Bailey reminded me of the day when we met in Vegas at one of his public appearances, the first time.  I never thought that one day Preston would not only become my valued friend but would be the first one to witness my journey.  Indeed, It’s truly a blessing to have Preston Bailey as a mentor and friend.  Anyone who knows Preston Bailey, would say one thing about him;  Preston is humble and well connected with his surroundings.  

On this platform,  I would like to thank Preston Bailey for being there as a friend, mentor, and confidant.  Preston has inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone to rediscover and challenge myself to create something magical and unique.  When I thought that time is not on my side, Preston reminded me of the patience.

Today I can proudly say, a rose is not a rose anymore in my eyes, yet a beautiful bloom that could turn into something else with a creative touch and this journey would not be possible without Preston’s guidance, trust and considerate friendship. 


Once again, Thank You Preston Bailey!


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur