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How fashion icon's Gowns became my inspiration!

Dear Readers,

I would love to share my experience working with a dazzling collection designed by Zuhair Murad for 2016 at Dimitra’s Bridal a year ago. Dimitra’s Bridal and Zuhair Murad had one thing in common that led me to work with Tina with Dimitra’s and be a part of this experience, which is Tina’s impeccable sense of style.

Before I began the concept design, I spent an entire afternoon at Dimitra’s Bridal to understand the story that they create with each client.  It was refreshing to see that in creative business,  we are all selling a part of ourselves as we serve each of our clients. 

I think, this was one of those moments that you want to capture because Zuhair Murad’s signature collection is all about blending old with modern twist adding international flavor to it.  Zuhair Murad creates a story through fine details giving an experience to his brides.  And navjot Design is known for adding the international flavor to their designs, whenever the client desires. 

I am always in love with the antique look with a twist of modern when it comes to selecting bases or any other element, and I thought it would be best for highlighting Zuhair Murad’s collection.  If any of you have been to Dimitra’s,  you will walk in with a warm welcome in their U-shaped bridal house.

When I asked Tina about her thoughts about designing and creating florals for this grandeur event, Tina said that she was open to trying something new. She placed so much trust in my Design concept that the experience that got created appeased each one of the guests at the Zuhair Murad event.  

A year later, I am still getting compliments for the designs that navjot Design created and set up with fine details bringing international flavor, complimenting everyone evolved from Dimitra’s Bridal for Zuhair Murad’s bridal collection to Caroline Shaw for styling,  Robyn Tornabeni for hair,  Stella Mikhail for make-up, The Estate for catering, Bowery and Bash for rental, Chicago Speaker Rental for lighting, and of course, beautifully captured by KingenSmith


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