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How important is to hire the right talent to capture every little detail at the wedding?

                                                                    Florals & Design Concept by navjot Design |  Moments captured by SY Photography                                                      

                                                                    Florals & Design Concept by navjot Design |  Moments captured by SY Photography                                                      

Dear Readers,

As I always say that planning and designing a wedding is like putting a puzzle piece together,.  It is important that all the vendors complement each other in style at your wedding.  I have seen many times that when it comes to photography,  most couples do not have any idea about pricing and importance of style, experience, and talent.  

One can spend all the money in the world on venue, decor, catering and add-ons to create a spectacular event for your guest to remember,  then keep in mind that photographer is the one who could give you beautiful memories to live with years later.  I reflect upon the days when I started designing the weddings back in 2003, and I depended on the photographers who my clients would hire at a special price.  Most of the time, I did not get the images with details to add to my portfolio nor my clients seem happy with their pictures. 

Finally,  I took the time to understand the different styles that experienced photographers offered and a price tag attached to it.  I try very hard to reason with my clients about the quality, service, and pricing.  Photography as a hobby is one thing, but professional photographers need to educate themselves about the updates on technology each day and have to invest in learning and upgrading the equipment and plus the insurance.  I see this happening to myself many a time when someone will say that decor is their hobby, and they can easily put the flowers together and drape the fabrics.  I give a brimming smile because I know that it has taken over the decade to come this far,  where I can say that learning never end. Only thing that comes with experience and dedication is that your growth as a professional never stop.

I would suggest that brides and grooms or couples out there do a little homework and give importance to hiring a photographer with experience, talent and not only based on pricing.  You want to lower the guest count when the budget is in question. You may think that photographer only works the day of the wedding, I would say they take time before the event to list the details and after the wedding, spends countless hours to go through raw images to bring you the best.  


 I wish all the best to the brides and grooms out on a hunt for a photographer for the wedding or any other event. 


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur