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Why & how the key elements that I think, makes an event a success?

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Dear Readers,

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I think planning and producing an event is like a puzzle piece. It is a collaborative effort of so many professional working together as a team to make it happen and bringing an ambiance to the event. I talked about the key elements that break or make an event memorable in wednesday's blog post. On today’s blog, I am sharing my views referring to the key elements as why?  


Why & how the key elements that I think makes an event a success?


1. Planning and staffing: Planning a wedding is so important at the beginning because that would help you move in the right direction and figuring out as what your dream wedding is going to cost. Having the right people helping you to get what you desire is essential, definitely a key to your event success whether it is a social event, wedding, engagement or a marriage anniversary. If your planner is experienced, then not only he or she would play a role in figuring out the budget but would also align with vendors who would work as the team to bring about the best on your special day.

2. Venue: The venue is an important aspect as it helps set the tone when the guest arrive. I love places with high ceilings because it gives the feeling of openness. The character of the venue has a lot to do with your personality. If you like history, then museum would be the right pick, and if you like nature, then outdoor wedding would add the flavor. Most hotels represent the architect from an era and a culture of their own.

 3. Decor & Florals: I think decor and florals can't be separated. Both are inter-dependent on each other. I see florals as painting a landscape on a blank canvas. Decor would never be complete without the beautiful colors and textures that only flowers bring in. Linens are paramount since it adds to the overall look.

4. Stationery & Calligraphy: I would say that Invitations set the tone and depict as what to expect at the wedding. Its best to follow the theme from Invitations to menu cards to thank you cards.

5. Food & beverages: Not only focus should be on the food and beverages, but also on its presentation. These are your guests and should leave raving about your hospitality.

6. Wi-fi: In the technology age, where everything runs from the palm of your hands, you can’t even imagine being without Wi-fi even for a second. It would be to your benefit that Wi-fi is available for the guests 24/7 as a warm gesture. The guests did not have to leave for checking their Emails or access messages.

7. Lobby & Toilets: I notice that most of the time Lobby and Toilets are neglected. Just a little extra would show your guests that you care and every little detail matters to you both as a couple.


What do you think about these key elements crucial to make an event a success? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


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