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In my view, what service means in event industry?

                                                                                navjot Design | work in progress

                                                                                navjot Design | work in progress

Dear Readers,

I would say when couple's vision is translated in a meaningful manner and delivered on time creating a lifetime experience. When I entered this industry a decade ago, I thought the design would matter most. Years later, I would say people matter most else none of us would be able to design and create moments never to forget in this industry. 

Creating an event is like designing and constructing a house. It evolves collaboration of so many expert people, from venue to our in-house design team to the planner, photographer, stylist, makeup artist, lighting, cake baker, caterers and not to forget all those vendors who are working behind the scene countless hours. Service means delivering not only designs or flowers rather touching souls with compassion creating memories to cherish years later. 

Sharing an image from the site of a backdrop that our team did for a non-profit event this past week. I think reflecting simplicity and culture were the focus here. We have to leave room for a 8' by 8' fabric banner that had to go in the center and seating to fill the stage. I believe it's not just the design or the simplicity but understanding the board members vision and giving them something that they all could relate to from their individual perspective. After all, a happy client means repeat business and more referrals. 


Do you agree creating an event is more than a design?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur