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In my views, Investing in the good planner is instrumental in having a dream wedding

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Dear Readers,

I would love, to begin with,  my friend and mentor,  Preston Bailey’s quote from one of his blog post, “Smart is the bride who knows that she should invest in a good planner.”  So true and believe it or not everything depends on upon the planner; not every planner is the right fit for your taste.  I think it is the most difficult to find one than being said.  

I would go with a planner who would understand your unique taste and suggest vendors based on that.  The one who would step out of the comfort zone to look out of their networks of vendors when required. I recently asked a planner as why she prefer not to go out of her network, and her answer was that she does not want to take the risk;  What if it was worth taking a risk instead of compromising client’s vision.  She agreed after a chat and said, then one has to raise the planning fees because of more work and additional hours involved.  I am with her on that;  you can not work for nothing. 

I would remind the brides that you get what you pay for the services.  When you see a big gap in planning fees then you should ask yourself a question as what kind of service you are looking for;  a detailed and custom all the way or you want to follow just the trend or want a wedding similar to your best friend’s wedding who recently got married.  If that being the case, then you can go with a planner who is working in a comfortable zone. 

Even though planners, designers, caterers, bakers, stationary designers, etc. all are in this business because they love the visible deliverables filled with passion but one must not forget that they all have to make a living.  Brides or couples who are confused about the pricing and services,  ask yourself what you want and then your outlook would change about investing into a good planner.


What do you think?


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