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Eco-Friendly Wedding and Event ideas

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Dear Readers,

I have this wonderful bride who is into saving energy and environment so looking into a Eco Friendly wedding next summer. This beautiful bride came from a small town where most of the families grew their own vegetables and had large flower beds on the front porch. She educated myself a little into being environmentally friendly and how the world would be if we do not save little of everything, and I shared a couple of my view from what is available on the market. 

As we all know that most of the wedding flowers are not organic and if we get organic flowers then cost will go up as there are not many farms locally that are into organic gardening.  So thought, why not talk about going with organic versus other. 

You will be limited with options when going with organic flowers.  My suggestion would be to order from a local farmer so that energy could be saved trying to keep them fresh from cut date to your door.  Best would be to not only go with locally grown in season flowers but also one that does not drink too much water. If you are serious about having an eco-friendly wedding or a party, then look for Veri-Flora endorsement which certifies that blooms are not in contact with chemicals. 

A practical choice for Eco-friendly would be to go with potted flowering blooms, plants or topiaries as centerpieces.  Here are a couple of ideas that you may love to consider for your next party or a family dinner and even a small weding in your backyard. Our in-house design that you see in the above image could be put together with the flowers and greens from your home garden.  I would say, creating one together for a table, for anyone would be an excellent creative project.  Also, most of you who have a home garden dedicated to organic produce would find tons of things from greens to wildflowers to roses and so on, and you can alter your design based upon what is available.  How about picking up some veggies such as radish or turnips with greens to decorate the party tables. I think that would be fresh and eco-friendly.

In the end, it depends on how far you want to go with your Eco-friendly concept when it comes to celebrating important moments in your life whether it is a wedding, anniversary party, birthday, graduation or a holiday get together.  


Do you think it's worth increasing your budget to go with Eco-Friendly wedding? How far you would compromise as a bride or a host with the design and choice of flowers on your list for Eco-Friendly event?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur