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Create a stunning focal point with Chandeliers at your wedding Reception!

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Dear Readers,

The wedding is a big day in one’s life. The reception is one of the most important celebrations of the wedding as this is the first time as a couple you welcome your guests.  While designing a wedding reception, it is important to have a stunning focal point to draw the attention of everyone and leave them all with a wow expression, “Never seen anything like this before at any wedding?” 

An everlasting effect is something which gives the newlyweds fond memories and the guests a beautiful experience.  Some designers may choose elements such as centerpieces, which are larger-than-life floral centerpieces and structures done to make a statement,  ice sculptures, or even the wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers.   

However, it’s no-brainer that fabulous choice for a focal point can be a chandelier.  If your intended venue has one you like then great; however, you should not feel bad if yours does not.  You can always create a fixture designed to your liking to add an element of surprise.

You can have a chandelier hoisted from the ceiling or hang it from an altar or some other structure based on your design concept.  As a designer, whenever I think of floral chandelier then Preston Bailey is the only name that comes to mind. His chandeliers bring you an experience of a lifetime. 

Not everyone can afford over the top, and that is when you can create a unique chandelier using elements that may be simple and less expensive yet different is an excellent way to echo and carry your particular wedding theme to a new height—literally!


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navjot kaur