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Set the mood with flowers at your wedding



Dear Readers,

In the recent week,  I attended a seminar where healing with the flowers got my attention.  I agree with Flower Theory where flowers have the power to have a profound impact on your life each day.  I am blessed to be in the wedding industry where we are a part of that healing process through working with the color palettes best suited to meet the clients and most of the times brides who always have a spark when talking about flowers. 

Nature provides everything in abundance, and so is true for flowers; so many varieties each season having different colors and shapes to enjoy.  It is one of the most efficient ways to nourish your soul and putting a smile on your face especially on your wedding day.  And for guests, presence of fresh flowers lead to converse; make friends and bring family closer to each other.  It helps let go of the negative emotions bringing in positive one’s to cherish the moments, creating long-term memories.  

Every bride wants to have a color palette that is whimsical and represent their love, and commitment to marriage.  It is always meaningful as a floral designer to help these brides and the couples to choose a palette that reflects their personalities and help the guests get to know them both as a newly wed couple in a different light.  Also, the color palette would be instrumental in helping a bride define her  unique style for the bridal gown further allowing her floral designer to personalize her bridal bouquet to complement the bridal gown.   

I thought how about sharing an effective way for brides to figure out, as for how your favorite colors will have an impact on your mind.  Well, close your eyes when you think of the flower and color that you love for 30 seconds, and what you would feel is a mix of emotions from love to compassion, happiness to calm and much more.  Just like red roses attribute to selfless love and are known to create intimate moments among couples.

I am sharing my passion for flowers with a thought to help all the brides who are having a difficult time coming up with a color palette with a choice of flowers. 


What colors and flowers you choose for your wedding and why?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


Florals: navjot Design

Bridal Gowns: Zuhair Murad's collection by Dimitra's Bridal

Photo: Kingsmith

Stylist: The Wedding Dresser