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Light up the environment with Candles _ it’s your wedding!

Dear Readers,

One of many yet very crucial wedding detail that is often overlooked.  No doubt, the lighting says it all!  Every little detail contributes to the overall feel and look of your wedding venue. The lighting plays a huge role in creating the ambiance.  Just think about it –  a white wedding covered with a splash of blue light vs. white wedding splashed in amber light would create a very different feel to space. 

Is it too much for you think about due to your overwhelming budget, let's save the overall lighting scheme for later and find more options that can be done easily.  If you’re looking for some easy ways to brighten up your wedding while creating a romantic ambiance, it’s simple; it can’t get better than going with candles. Tea lights around your centerpieces or hanging from branch centerpieces might be enough to light up the space, but these little tea lights or votives could add a spark to the atmosphere. 

You can even incorporate pillar candles creating the centerpieces; mixing different heights and widths of candles to create an attractive look, putting these candles in the glass cylinders or the mason jars, or floating tea-lights to glass centerpieces filled with water.

And if you like to add height then crystal Candelabras as a part of your table top design would add drama and elegance, and the reflective mirrors underneath any group of candles’ would make them seem larger than the actual size, even more, adding light as the flickering fire to the venue.  Also, have you ever noticed just how good everyone looks in a candlelight setting!  


Are you ready for creating ambiance with candles?


Love to hear what you have to say


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest