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New Year with Newer Resolutions!

Dear Readers,

 I love the New Year,  I see it as a blank canvas, ready to be filled with your beautiful upcoming story for yourself moving from one season to another.  Like everybody else,  I want the perfect ending to my story, knowing that beginning may appear transparent, but if I feel lost in the middle, then goals need adjustment.

So, I began working on the New Year resolution right after Thanksgiving.  It helped me narrowing the list with realistic goals. I would love to share three most important resolutions among all for the year 2017. 


The first one, is waking before the sun arises. Old habits die hard. I would sleep when most productive people on this earth wake up early morning around 3.30 am. 

Plan in Action:  Sleeping half an hour early each week. 


The second one, is my fear of losing track of rapidly changing technology. And in creative business, social media plays a significant role.  Also, It is easier to organize everything by investing twenty minutes each day.  It is most challenging at the moment.  

Plan in Action:  Just do it and keep doing it.


Third, going to Gym four to five times a week and meditating with some yoga. It needs a particular discipline with a specific diet to follow.  I would love to continue pushing myself adapting to the lifestyle change moving into 2017.  

Plan in Action:  Increase exercise time by an increment of fifteen minutes each week.


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur