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Old World Christmas Bride’s tree tradition from Germany!

Dear Readers,

 I find ornaments to be inspiring having different shapes, symbols each holiday season.  I am simply blown away with the artistry of hand made by skilled crafters.  While selecting ornaments for one of my friends, I saw a box of ornaments which had a paper in the box that explained the tradition coming from another part of the world.  And I could not stop reading and learning more about it and sharing with you.

What a lovely tradition that came from Germany, an Old World Christmas Bride’s tree collection symbolizing various elements in life!  It is believed that twelve specific ornaments on a Christmas tree would present good luck in a newly married couple's life.

Sharing the list of twelve good ornaments as an lucky charms that represents something important in life and in the end, a symbol of love, reflects concept of giving, sharing and prosperity:  

A Fish: Christ’s blessing

A Teapot: Hospitality

A Bird: Happiness and joy. A bird in a nest seen as confidence in home

A Heart: True love

An Angel: a symbol of God’s blessing

A Rose: Affection    

A Rabbit: Hope and peace

A Fruit Basket: Generosity and plenty

A Pine Cone: Eternity, motherhood, and fertility

A Flower Basket:  Good wishes

A Yellow Rose: Faithfulness in the marriage

A House: Protection

How beautifully it resonates from within, about the beginning of newly wed’s life! The traditions that are meant to relive your dreams and the moments filled with love to cherish years later. 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


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