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Open Communication is a key to get most out of A Event Designer

                                                                                                                   navjot Design | photo: KingenSmith

                                                                                                                   navjot Design | photo: KingenSmith

Dear Readers,


I always think that open communication is a buyer’s asset more than a vendor advantage because it is a good starting point. Any client looking for the unique concept and personalized service would know one thing that they want their wedding to be unique, over the top and personalize. Having said that, they have gone through the social media platforms and most likely have created a folder of their likes and dislikes. 

This is where it becomes tricky; sharing these at the beginning with your designer could be unjust to oneself because you have a designer who would listen to you and your ideas, and then take the time to brainstorm, and introduce you to a newer innovative concept. By sharing the images collected from Pinterest, work done by other vendors; you are not only making the path easier for the designer but not allowing the designer to set outside the box.

The wedding is not only special day in your life as a couple but also your family, and close friends are waiting to be with you to witness when you take vows to live together forever. It is about your dreams for your wedding and you opening up a little with your designer about your likes and dislikes will bring in better outcome. Also, a little about yourself as how you see life in general and what entertainment means to you might help in designing a personalized concept for you. You have to ask yourself as what aspect of a wedding is important to you_ overall feel or just the decor or food, or an alive music. 

Once you make that connection, everything becomes easy, and you would get most out of the designer. As a professional, a designer at this point is focused on filling colors on the blank canvas. He or she would love you to have an experience of a lifetime, and they can proudly add another successful event into the list of the portfolio. 


Here are the tips that could help you to stay aligned and on track;

1. When you share any images from the likes folder with your designer; be specific as what you liked_ it could be color, style or just the base. 

2. Feel free to say the things that you do not like in the design concepts presented to you. Do not feel sorry if you liked none of them. It only shows that shared understanding is somewhat in question. 

3.   Be open to sharing your budget limit once you like the vendor’s style looking at their portfolio. Ask questions and see what to expect from the vendor and what steps the vendor would take to make the process seamless.

4.   Keep in mind that quality and service would come with a price tag and if someone says that they can do for less, then one should question and think carefully. Ask the designers to explain the gap in pricing. 

5.   List your priorities and then have a checklist with most and least as this would help you in following your budget. You can dream all you want but a designer should tell you upfront as what your budget would give you_ a part of your dream or a complete dream. 

6.   Keep 10% to 20% aside of your budget for last moment changes or add-ons. What if the number count for guest goes up a week before the wedding. Your cousin’s family got the visa, and now they are coming from abroad. This could have an impact on food, seating, decor and hotel accommodations as well. 


An experience designer, who is passionate and value service would always be ready to share the pro and cons behind the suggestions and would let you sit and relax taking the back seat while holding the searing in their hands to bring out the best so that when you look back years later, you have a smile and say,"we were equally a part and we did it together." What all of this requires is an open communication to give the designer an insight of your vision and help them design something that reflects your individual taste and preferences.


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur