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Seriously, Do I have to follow a rule when choosing a color palette for my wedding?

Great question! I do not hear of anyone following a rule when buying a car or decorating the home or picking up colors for the office? All one need is to learn how to mix colors which vary from person to person and a lot to do with their personal taste.  You can use the color wheel, but again your like and dislike would play a significant role in choosing the perfect color palette for the wedding. 

Of course, a color palette is crucial in creating a unique style for the wedding and so are other elements such as linen texture, florals, menu cards, table numbers, name cards, place setting, food presentation and lighting. So, when you can’t make up your mind then best would be to go with classic white and pastels. You can never do wrongs by picking up hues of basic colors as it softens the tone with hues to reflect the uniformity that you see in rainbow. 

I always find an inspiration in the paintings from the old era. I love how the bold colors mixed with hues of dark colors, fade into lighter tones. What has inspired me most over the years in business is the classic blend of white with pastels. You do not have to match the venue colors or the bridal gown colors. The thing to keep in mind is that white is the base and you are likely to create more than fifty shades of white with hues of blush pink, blush peach, yellow, soft blue, emerald green, brilliant red and burnt orange. All you have to do is relax and look around to find the color palette that is perfect to suit your taste.

Just because trend is of the bold colors on the market or your best friend choose bold colors for her wedding does not mean that you have to do the same.  My advice would be not to get caught in following the trends as they may not complement your personality. You are creating a lifetime memory, and you should listen to your heart and choose the colors that would add an amusement to the celebration.  Be a trendsetter and not a follower because it’s your day.


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