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A box of Callas to bring life to my bride's vision.

Dear Readers,

I love to step outside of my comfort zone to create designs over the years.  I always add the element of surprise for my bride because that one moment with a smile on her face makes me happy.  I recall one of my bride, who wantedCalas as an accent but orchids took over her budget.  I thought, it might be that I can create personal pieces by adding few Calas and give her an element of good surprise on her wedding day, and my gift would be my bride’s smile. 

I believe good things happen to good people.  I got a call from my floral company that they accidentally shipped a box of Calas by mistake.  The sales rap told me that even though they were not on my order, but they would be happy if I could release that shipment by paying for the shipping cost.  Also, after knowing that the sales person may lose her job,  I decided to pay a discounted price since we have been working with them for a long and never had this experience.

I had a box of Calas to make my bride’s dream come true.  I decided not to ask the bride to reimburse for the extra cost for Calas.  I recently mentioned this experience among vendor friends and most of them thought that I should have asked the bride and since she seem happy with your job so she would have reimbursed you.  


Here are my reasons as why I thought it was not a good idea to ask:

A.   It was not a part of the contract. 

B.    It was my decision to release the “accidental fresh flower box” at my expense.

C.   My bride was able to live her dream. 


What do you think, I should have done?  


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


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