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Some floral designs we create never go out of trend vs. others that one can merely call a trend. What do you think?

Dear Readers,

There are quite a few styles in floral centerieces that never go out of trend. I see more brides asking for something unique and creative. These curious brides and couples yet daring are afraid to attempt something new that they have never seen at any wedding.  Nevertheless, I would applaud them for taking a step towards setting up the trends and not just a following them. 



I posted an image in the above floral centerpiece that I did a while ago on Instagram just to see the reaction in terms of liking and disliking.  I am amazed at the response and realized that some designs you create would never be a part of going trends.  This design was never a part of the trend to begin with when we created years ago.  One of the another designs that we created for one of our brides, who wanted the lantern to be hanging out of the floral centerpiece without using twigs.  



I recall creating our stands to incorporate into the floral centerpiece that you see in the above image.  In my view, when you create something unique, it would never go out of style.  The question would be whether you like to follow and build your dream wedding on someone else vision or ask the event designer to design another unique centerpiece to complement a part of YOU on your wedding day.  


Would you like to set the trend or be a rendsetter ? 


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: navjot Design