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Something just didn’t feel right…

Dear Readers,

It happens once in a while that you meet a potential client, as they leave; Hymn… Something just didn’t feel right.  Many a time feeling is mutual. I would not call it merely a lack of communication, rather there are other factors. Other times, communication is through Email and that seems odd.

I am about to list five reasons based on my experience:

1.  As an event designer,  I assume that potential client knows my pricing structure.  (they would only know when I take moments to explain)

2.  A bride loved our upscale designs and thought she could talk about giving at a break even price.

3.  A couple ask for an estimation without meeting with you in person. You should know that it is another vendor trying to inquire your pricing.

4.  A couples tells you in the middle of the first meeting that they are willing to trust you completely and so just Email them the contract. (Believe me, you would never hear back because they were just checking pricing)

5.  You get an Email that states that budget is not a problem but would not be able to meet due to overseas posting. (scam) 

I think, whenever you have that feeling of “something just didn’t feel right…” then stop right there and evaluate the situation.  Many a time, it is better to let go rather than wasting time.  Only time I would not give it up is when lack of communication happens because that can be addressed by further listening and explaining the client. 

What are your experience as a event professional or a bride?


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur


Photo: navjot Design