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“Thank You” cards sent with a thoughtful note would say it all!

Dear Readers,

Many a time we are trying to figure out as what protocol to follow when selecting and sending the “Thank You Note” for any occasion especially the wedding. When the wedding celebration is over, and a couple is back from the honeymoon or may even be back to work. It’s about time that a couple start making a list and start writing personal notes to each of your guests for being there for you both on your special day. A well written thoughtful note of thanks would fill your guest hearts with joys.


Here is a list of suggestions that I would recommend: 


1.  It would best to order “Thank You Notes” along with wedding stationery so that it complement the wedding theme. Also, It would cost you little less than customizing separately.

2.  Please do not use ballpoints to write the note as it does not add to taste and also it takes away the clarity.

3.  I would recommend taking the time to invest into fountain pen especially when you are trying to make your handwriting look better.

4.  You may not collect thank you notes, but there are a lot of people perhaps many among your guests who collect the Invitations and “Thank You Notes.”  A well-written note may become a part of someone treasure box.

5.  If you pick “Thank You” card on the market then go with something that is a blend of both of your personalities, and it is important because this is the first gesture to communicate as a married couple.

6.  Do not forget to mention the gift that the guests gave to you at your wedding as a token of their love. 

7.  Try your best to send these out by the mail within four to six weeks time. 

"Thank You" notes are not merely a notes of thanks but a reflection of your relationship with each of your guests whether family or friends. Always see this as an opportunity to connect and show that you care with sense of gratitude. 

Do you think that “Thank You” card with a thoughtful choice of words would make a difference to the guest reading it? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


Photo: Pinterest