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Tips for choosing the right accent chair for your living room

                                                     Image: Pinterest

                                                     Image: Pinterest

Dear Readers, 


Every Friday for next few weeks, I will share my views on topics related to house decor, florals, and interiors. So stay tuned to inspire and get inspired! 


In today's blog post, I would be talking about the importance of choosing the right accent chair for your living space. Looking to add a fresh look to you existing place or thinking of adding an accent to your newer living room needs planning and some homework. You may want to ask yourself a question as what space you have and use of that space. For example, You may be a reader who loves to spend hours after work reading, or you may like to sit each evening and relax in front of the window enjoying your garden out there or just watching TV.

In either case, an accent chair might be all that you need to define space and choose the style from a practical standpoint, creating a climate for your family and guests. An accent chair may not only fit well into your life but may create the welcome atmosphere for your family and friends when visiting. 

Here are the tips for choosing the accent chair keeping the versatility in mind:

1. Measure the space before you began looking at the side chairs. Remember: You want to create space and not fill space. So size matters.

2.  Sometimes it best to understand your style and see what overall style you present with existing pieces. 

3. You should add a texture if everything around has a sleek look. And Adding color to the room would work as a magic where everything is white. Go with trend when you like to change often else you would be stuck for a long time. Personally, I love to change now and then. So, I would not mind going with a trendy accent chair. 

4.  Last yet most important is the comfort. Comfort would depend on the Purpose, your posture, your body frame. For example, TV watchers may consider a recliner due to functionality with a side tray to place the remote where as a reader, or a needlecraft person may opt for a firm chair with a simple look. 

For me, there is nothing like bringing fulfillment to my client's life helping them to redefine their home spaces to fit their lifestyle. I see this as a platform to share and learn. I would love you to ask any questions or share your ideas. 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot Kaur