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What it is like celebrating Festival of lights called Diwali?

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Dear Readers,

A close friend asked me as, how we celebrate Diwali in India.  While I was explaining her at lunch,  I thought way not share with you all and wish all who are celebrating Diwali all over the world.  The festival of lights for anyone living in India or abroad symbolizes the spiritual connection to their roots.  

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights seem to remind us that there is always a dark tunnel leading to the brightness in life.  This celebration has two reasons;  one is religious, and another one is the closing of the harvest season. 

One would see never ending farms traveling by road when you visit India.   Most farmers and other business owners close the accounting after the harvest and would seek blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth for the new financial year ahead. 

Many people would begin celebrations by placing Diya (oil lamps) at the entrance and leave the door open; it is said, Goddess Lakshmi will come to your home where she feels welcome.  People begin preparing for Diwali just like we do here in the US at Christmas each year.  

I always wonder,  how the culture in India is so adaptive.  There are no many dialects in India, so many tribes depending on where they live but you would see one thing in common, and that is coming together to celebrate Diwali.  

Diwali is known to bring families together;  people exchange gifts, sweets, and decorate their homes and religious shrines together with Diyas (oil lamps), light strings, flowers, fabrics and enjoy fireworks all night which lasts till to the dawn.  You would find people making colorful design patterns called Rangoli to decorate their house;  some make with rice and others sand.  

Another thing that Diwali brings is display of fireworks that continues for a week.

Diwali has become national festival since everyone having different faiths celebrate for a different reason.  Whatever the story, but each religion represents a historical interpretation yet in all,  one common thread that binds all is the victory of goodness over evil, in the end bringing in hope and joys.


What do you think?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur