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A Must to do Checklist six weeks before the wedding.

Dear Readers,

I see brides getting so stressed as they are getting closer to the wedding day.  Since the wedding season is fast approaching, I am sharing a must do checklist before your wedding to make your wedding day is worry-free. 

Dress fitting for the bride and suit fitting the groom: It should be done a couple of weeks before the wedding simply because what if you lose weight and then two days before the wedding you are trying to get altered with no guarantees to the perfect fitting. 

Check the sizing of the wedding rings as well and get them resize if required. It would save you time and get organized ahead of time. 

Do not forget to introduce the assigned person to all the vendors two weeks before the wedding and also discuss with the designated person the schedule deliverables times with contact numbers. You want to enjoy your wedding without having all these chores to deal with last moment.

Confirm the head counts with the venue, caterers, decor, florist, linen because when head count increases so does, the seating for the guests and that mean adding another table, linen, and florals.  Your venue may have to design another layout that may have an impact on the size of the stage. 

When you are one of those brides, who is having an outdoor ceremony in summer months, then be prepared with a backup plan in case of rain or too much sun. You may consider having the hand fans for each guest when it is a hot sunny day with high humidity level.

Last but not the least, pay all the vendors at least ten days before the wedding.  Once you are married, you are ready to start packing for the honeymoon. 


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navjot Kaur


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