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How about personalizing Groomsmen gift to wear on the wedding day!

Dear Readers,

All their life, Groom, and the Groomsmen did so much together from being serious about work to perhaps partying many of the Friday nights or just being there. It's  your big day and as a groom, you feel indebted for the understanding, care, and long-term friendship by all the groomsmen especially when it comes to the wedding help by standing next to you in every thick and thin, helping you plan your most important day is full of the challenges from figuring out the details of Bachelor's party to helping with the selection of the men suits for groom, brothers, and groomsmen. 

Mostly, when we talk about personalizing groomsmen’s gift, what comes to our mind is the wedding date and couple’s initials. I would suggest giving a personalized gift to the groomsmen that they could wear as a signature at your wedding. How about giving groomsmen a metal tie pin engraved with their initials or name when the wedding is indoors. If the wedding is outdoor on a hot summer day, then a personalized Umbrella with their initials would be an excellent idea. Even John F. Kennedy presented each of his groomsmen, an engraved Brooks Brothers umbrella on his wedding back in 1953.

After all, groomsmen are there to give you emotional support and be there for you; this would be your way of saying, “Thank You.”  

Do you think that Groomsmen gift should be something that they could wear on the wedding day? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


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