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What happens when a sister becomes narrator of the love story through our design?

Dear Readers,

It is always a blessing to get to work with a repeat client. I recall Sumera coming to our office five years ago for her wedding decor with a traditional theme. Her wedding was in three weeks, and I remember one of her cousin’s called who’s wedding we designed and produced a while ago with a request to accommodate her cousin somehow within our busy season schedule. 

This time, Sumera called, asked us to accommodate the reception at short notice of six weeks. Sumera and I met in our office for an hour. I recall her stating; she wants her brother to have the same experience that she had five years ago. She shared a lot about her brother’s personality and also how she played a key role in introducing the bride to her brother. She said groom is in LA and bride is in Canada so she as a sister is the contact in Chicago. Venue that were able to get at that short notice was Bristol Court Palace with lot of glass on walls, newer carpet in dark shade, high ceiling. This was my first time working here. Without doubt, Anna and her team were great help.

We designed a concept with twigs as an accent which the groom loved as well. I was told to incorporate the baseball as groom was into playing and following baseball. Yet, I thought it was sweet of the groom not to incorporate the baseball into their reception theme because he said he wanted to see both their personalities blending together with a new beginning. Here begins the twist but we managed. We have to change the color of flowers and take the twigs out two weeks before the wedding due to the traditional bridal gown that shipped in the wrong color and design. The newer bridal dress have intricate details in antique gold on Ivory that we loved but had to change the theme and pulled the event with a well done  surprise to the couple and their family.

Well, the bride and groom were pleased with the flowers, decor, and layout.  I would say we would not be able to design and produce, bringing ambiance for the evening to celebrate without (Groom's sister) Sumera's power to depict the love story so well. Having said that, I would like to congratulate the couple and the family once again!


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur