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What is Different in Today’s Age when it comes to Event Planning & Design?

                                                                                     navjot Design | Four Seasons, Chicago

                                                                                     navjot Design | Four Seasons, Chicago

Dear Readers,


When I woke up this morning, I had a question for myself, what is different in today’s age when it comes to Event Planning & Design?Each one of us is spending countless hours on computers each day whether we are event professionals or a client looking for services. Within the last decade, things have changed so dramatically that we have become dependent on technology. 

I used to create a mood board consisting of drawing, pictures, fabrics to share with my clients. The only problem was the cost and time. I used to make a sketch with layouts as well.  Now I am spending hours doing the same thing on my Apple from anywhere and anytime. Well, same is true for our clients. They can educate themselves and pin onto their secret board from the palm of their hand. 

The biggest difference lies in a challenge to not only think out of the box but to produce events above and beyond for the alert client who is surrounded by various social media platforms. To be honest, I love every bit of it as this makes me work hard and be innovative. But I would like to mention one important thing to the brides out there looking for ideas, when you look at something that you like, ask yourself the reason for being inspired, why to include the idea in must have, estimated guess on ideas that you like to fit your budget, and are these ideas giving shape to your vision. 


Love to hear what you have to say!

navjot kaur