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What one should take into account when considering a destination wedding ?

Dear Readers,

A destination wedding is on the rise as many young couples are in their first jobs after spending the good amount of time in school and they dream of a wedding at a beach in a beautiful setting or a place where they first met; they want to enjoy the beginning of the newer episode in life.  

Well, when any couple is thinking about having a destination wedding, they have to look into the cost of travel and venue, decor, catering vs. the cost of having a wedding in an area where they live.  One should look at countless factors and then decide whether destination wedding is right fit for you. 

To begin with, Your destination wedding would cost your guest to travel and hotel accommodations.   And if you choose to pay for the hotel then you are thoughtful as a host,  you realize that the guests are flying to get to the wedding location from far. If most of your guests traveling are from other cities than your own home then it would not matter vs. if you were to have a wedding in your area as they have to spend money on traveling anyway.

Also, there are certain things to keep in mind while picking up a destination for your wedding.  How many direct flights are flying into that zone of your interest and how expensive would be the trip for each guest.  It may be a good idea to work with a travel agent for a fee so that all your guests could get a customized service.  Also, make sure to take care of transportation from airport to hotel and back. 

Most of the venues in certain destinations come with all-inclusive packages, but if you are thinking of upscale hotels then you have to pay for the meals, snacks and drinks as you go. 

I always suggest hiring a planner from the beginning but in case you decide to be “DIY” couple or bride then make sure to hire a planner for a week off to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  After working hard and coming this far, you do not want the element of surprise for yourself to regret and have a bad memory to live with. 

Do not try to opt for a long celebration of four days unless you plan to get married during the holiday season because you and your guests have to take those days off from work.  Also spend atleast three days at the hotel before the wedding to make a special connection with the surroundings. 

Last but not the least, Please create a timeline and follow it to the reception.  Do not forget to update your to do list each week beginning six months before the wedding. 


Would you suggest anyone to go with the destination wedding? 


Love to hear what you have to say!


navjot kaur


Photo: Erick Pozos