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What to do when looking into hiring a wedding designer or planner for your wedding?

                                                                                                               Tabletop Design & Florals: navjot Design

                                                                                                               Tabletop Design & Florals: navjot Design

Dear Readers,

I see many engaged couples looking into hiring the wedding designer and planner,  who are getting married in 2017.  I would love to give you the pointers as for how to proceed with your search so that you have the right help to pull through without any last moment compromises.  


1.   When you come across a vendor who’s style appeals to you while surfing the web or any social media sites;  then best is to visit their website and read in detail as what services they offer and look into the blog if they have one. 

2.   When any vendor states on their website that they are full-service Event Planning and Design company,  then it means you could hire them for planning and design alone or both.  There is always a question that pops out, what if we hire you for design alone or just for planning in the beginning and as a full-service vendor myself,  I would be happy to honor that.

3.   Another question you may ask the design company,  do they design and produce the event and take care of flowers and other logistics such as lighting,  linen,  and any rental items. 

4.   Educate yourself to find the right fit by understanding the difference between the vendors,  focused on custom design and pre-made packages.  A custom design would be best suited when you want to set yourself apart and looking into adding elements to depict your unique taste and love story.  Packages are best who do not want to visualize.

5.   Many a time,  you had a wedding in the family a year ago,  and you want to go with the same venue, caterer then you most likely would not need a planning service.  A full-service vendor who is open to accessing your needs and give you advice on going with partial planning or a week of the wedding or a day of wedding services adjusted to the nature of the requirements is the vendor who genuinely cares about you as a client.

6.   Question to consider; If you hire a full-service company for planning only and go with another design company that you like,  would this have any impact on deliverables on the day of a wedding? 

7.   When you see word destination or worldwide being promoted on vendor’s website or any of the social media platforms,  then it means that this provider can plan and design anywhere and have built the infrastructure around themselves to cater to the individual needs.  


Congratulations to the all the lovely brides who just got engaged and looking into getting married in 2017.  Hope my tit-bits that I am sharing would help in moving in the right direction. 


What do you think?


Love to hear what you have to say.


navjot kaur


Photo: Njeri Bishota