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When “DIY” wedding work and when “Not.”

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When can one say as a planner, wedding designer and florist that it’s OK to opt for “DIY” wedding and when “Not.” I would say, depends on the bride or couple whether they are creative or not and how willing they are to take risks and up to what level. 

A.  When the guest number count is manageable; If the guest count is 30 to 50 then most likely then DIY wedding would work for you. 

B.  The design concept is simple; You create an idea using pins on Pinterest. DIY brides are lucky to have access to the images from other DIY weddings and vendors as well.

C.   Flowers used as an accent; you may think that flower arranging is simple, especially roses and other flowers are available at saving clubs such as Costco but it is not. It took years of hard work and dedication to reach this far where any flower can be given a newer look. If you are planning to use flowers then DIY would work. If you are looking at high end designs that may look simple to copy but that may not be the case.

D.  Budget is low; When the budget is small, then it is best to lower things on the list and go with hiring a vendor else opt for DIY wedding when you want everything on the list.

E.  When one among the couple is creative; A bride or groom may like to do things and have done things together such as garden or home decorating projects.

F.   Willing to take risk; I would highly recommend to estimate the degree of risk and make the decision, what you can do yourself and where getting professional help is a safe bet.

F.   When clarity and quality is important; Do not opt for DIY wedding as a couple or a bride or groom, rather consider hiring experienced vendors who could give you a dream wedding.

G.   Timeline: If you like to do things and complete project in your life setting timeline then DIY would work else go with a expert designer who knows the essence of timeline.

H.   Do not go for DIY if you want to enjoy your own wedding and be there to celebrate with your guest. Else you would be busy planning and designing along with taking help from friends and family and not giving them time to enjoy including yourself.


I am sure this blog post would help you in making a important decision of your life as these memories are being cheeished years later. 


Love to hear what you have to say.


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